Early intervention and access to rehabilitation can aid in claimant recovery and reduce cost. HCL will work with you to select a rehabilitation provider, who will provide you with a flexible, and where required, white labelled intervention solution which will reduce claims costs and can also generate revenue.

As an example, one such provider offers the following services/benefits:

  • Any treatment requirements initiated immediately
  • Physiotherapy via remote managed care and hands on treatment depending on individual requirements, supported by digital technology
  • Psychological needs met via a national CBT network
  • Serious injury needs identified upfront and managed by in house clinical case managers
  • Significant savings on traditional claimant musculo-skeletal treatment costs

Benefits to clients, self-insured funds, captives or to the defendant insurer can include:

  • Reduced third party claims costs
  • Reduced fraudulent and exaggerate claims
  • Great service for third party in line with brand values – creates a new business opportunity
  • Evidenced cost control
  • Visibility of the whole claim in one place; all third party costs managed
  • Lower third party claims handling costs – fewer touch points