Review of ‘in house’ claims operations

If you operate an in-house claims handling team an independent and objective review of the team’s performance and capabilities can show both your own senior management and insurers that you are striving to deliver a ‘best in class’ service and are committed to continuously improving the service that you deliver.

In our experience, in house claims teams can build an extensive, and impressive knowledge of the business within which they operate but can sometimes become isolated from the wider claims market and its trends and innovations. It is critical that a claims team is not just inwardly focused and that it has an awareness of what is happening in the ‘outside world’.

It is also important for a business to be aware of, and have the ability to quantify, the cost of operating an ‘in-house’ claims team. For some organisations an in-house team is clearly the most efficient way of managing claims spend, for others, it can become a cost centre which contributes to an increasing total cost of claim spend.

Our review conducts a ground up assessment of your current claims handling service and provides an objective and quantified report on service efficacy, performance of your team, cost and any opportunity for improvement and any revenue generation.

The benefit to you is the knowledge that your claims handing service is being delivered in the most efficient and effective manner, that your team is performing in line with both your own and the market expectations and that any areas for improvement have been identified and can be acted upon.