Regular support for clients

In addition to standalone projects, Hammersbach Consulting delivers ongoing consultancy support to clients who are looking to reduce their total cost of claims or have specific requirements, but for whom full time resource is not cost effective or does not fit their current business model. For further information, please visit or contact us at […]

How Hammersbach Consulting supports corporate client’s homeworking claims teams.

Organisations have responded to the pandemic by trying to ensure business continuity through a variety of activities, including home working. Whilst this should ensure that services are delivered, it may not guarantee that the same standards of work are being delivered. Remote, or home working, on a ‘whole team’ level can also present several new […]

Claims Handling at home – Virtual Round Table

As we enter the 8th week of working at home and as we start to consider what the ‘normal’ working environment will look like , we are hosting a Virtual Round Table discussion where you can share your experiences and concerns with experts and peers. To receive more information please eMail or sign up […]