New strategic partnership

Hammersbach Consulting is delighted to build on its strategic partnerships by partnering with Employment Law Solutions and Bartlett James Risk Solutions to provide claims defensibility support and strategic claims solutions to their clients.

Hammersbach Consulting will deliver bespoke solutions including targeted claims defensibility reviews and initiatives. The defensibility review focuses on the effectiveness of procedures whilst determining the availability, accessibility and quality of relevant documentation and the level of engagement of key colleagues.

In a hard market and with new risks emerging claims defensibility is critical in the drive to control costs and protect the bottom line. It is vital that businesses are prepared for the claims and that their claims defensibility processes can address these new claims.

This initiative will provide SME clients with access to a range of advice and  tailored solutions provided by experts in the respective fields.

Employment Law Solutions cure employer HR headaches.  From recruitment to terminations, contracts to tribunals our lawyers work with SME’s across the UK to resolve all manner of complex HR matters, removing stress and allowing business owners to focus on what they do best – running their business.

Bartlett James Risk Solutions provide advice-led solutions to their clients through a combination of insurance and risk management thereby protecting the business and supporting growth.

Hammersbach Consulting are claims management and defensibility experts with 30 years’ experience working with a wide range of businesses from small start-ups and SMEs, to national and international corporate clients. Their associate business model enables them to draw on a wide range of expertise to ensure that they deliver the most effective solutions to their clients.

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